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Here you will find technical information such as connection options. For more details , you can download the user manual for the wingman15 here.


Will the notebookwings work with my laptop?

The notebookwings work with almost ALL notebooks. They work with Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook and any device with a video output source.

Below is a deeper dive for more specific compatibility questions. You are also welcome to send us your questions via the
contact form.

Please note that some notebooks only support one notebookwings display at a time. You can find more information on this at the bottom of this page in the compatibility section.

As shown, the notebookwings have 3 inputs per display, making different setups possible.



V: 85°/85°min



Plug and play monitor

The Wingman 15 is suitable for numerous areas of application, at work, at home or when travelling, the possibilities are numerous. Easily connect a cell phone for large-scale video streaming. Your laptop - mirror your monitor for a presentation or extend your monitor to the Wingman 15 for mobile and efficient work.

30 days return policy

12 months guarantee,
extendable up to 36 months

Free delivery throughout Germany

Free delivery throughout Germany

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