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Here you will find a small collection of our frequently asked questions. Your question is not here? Don't worry, you can always reach us via the contact form or chat with us directly.


Where can I get an HDMI adapter if I need one? Over the years we have worked with dozens of adapters and can therefore advise you very well. You are also welcome to receive a suitable adapter from us with your order. To do this, simply specify your notebook model and the adapter you need when you place your order. We will find out the suitable adapters for you and send you an offer.

Wo finde ich die Gebrauchsanweisung? Für die notebookwings auf der Übersicht Seite der notebookwings und ebenso für den wingman auf seiner Übersicht Seite. Sie findest du oben in der Navigation.

One of my screen is upside down. Don't worry, this is actually how the product was designed and can be easily fixed. Below is a quick guide on how to rotate the display on Windows and MacOS. Windows: Go to your display settings under Start > Settings > System > Display. Identify the upside down screen by clicking on the "Identify" button. Click on the upside down screen within the display menu, highlighting it blue (as shown below). Scroll down to "Scaling and Arrangement", click on the "Orientation" dropdown menu and select "Landscape (flipped)". If this is already selected, then select "Landscape".

The screen text is too small, I can't read it Windows: If you find the text on the notebookwings too small, you can increase the size of the text via the Windows settings. To do this, go to Settings > System > Display, select the display at the top and increase the "Size of text, apps and other elements" under "Scaling and arrangement". For example, set a value of 150% and the text should be easy for you to read. MacOS: If the text on notebookwings is displayed too small for you, you can enlarge the text via the settings of your Mac. To do this, go to System Preferences > Display > in the Display tab, select the "Scaled" radio button. Select the resolution 1344 x 756.

My PC screens are duplicated (1|3 2|3 issue) Don't worry, this is a quick and easy customization in your display settings. Follow the step-by-step guide below to set everything up. If you see a similar picture as below, your screens are duplicated and you need to switch to extended screens. To do this, follow these steps: In Windows, go to Settings > System > Display and under "Rearrange screens" click on the rectangle with "1|2" (or in some cases "1|3" or "2|3") and highlight it blue. Scroll down to the section "Multiple displays". Select "Extend these displays" from the "Multiple screens" drop-down menu. Make sure you select "Keep changes" in the subsequent message, Note that the message may be displayed on one of your additional screens, but still make sure you select "Keep changes".

Can the notebookwings be used with my Microsoft Surface Pro? Unfortunately, the kickstand of the Surface Pro prevents the notebookwings from being attached properly. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot recommend it for this product range.

My Audio isn't working now. Windows: To do this, go to Settings > System > Sound and select a source other than "HDMI (Intel(R) Display Audio)" under "Select Output Device". If you have multiple sources available, test through them until you have sound again. MacOS: To do this, go to System Preferences > Sound > Output and select "Internal Speakers" from the "Select a device for sound output" list.

Are the notebookwings compatible with Chromebook? Yes! As long as your laptop has a display diagonal of at least 13 inches, the notebookwings are compatible! Please check our question "Will the notebookwings work with my laptop?" above for additional information.

Can I use Remote Desktop or VPN on the notebookwings? Many customers need to use a VPN service like Remote Desktop to access a network computer. Using your notebookwings with one of these services is just as easy as using it with standard monitors.

Are the notebookwings compatible with my Surface Book. The notebookwings are compatible with all versions of the Microsoft Surface Book. However, adjustments are required: Surface Book 1: This model has 2 x USB-A and 1 x mini DisplayPort. For the first display, use a mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter for video and a USB-A for power. For the second display, use a USB-A to HDMI+USB adapter, for video and power input. Surface Book 2 & 3: This model only needs a USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter to provide video for the display. The rest of the ports work with the model's native ports.

Can I extend and mirror my display? Yes, you can both extend and mirror your display. To do this, simply go to your laptops's display settings and select which setting you want to use.

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