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Increase your mobile productivity

Instantly add two screens to your laptop

notebookwings widescreen

From € 349.99

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19. June 2022

I actually bought the Wingman 15 to use it together with my iPad pro 12.9 as a screen extension. Unfortunately, this is only possible as a second screen with the same display (duplex) and not as an extension. I had previously phoned notebookwings to ask whether the Wingman 15 could be used with the iPad 12.9. This was confirmed to me. Unfortunately, this was not restricted to the fact that only a duplex display is possible with the device and not an extension. When using the notebook, the additional screen is really good and can be connected via the included cables without any problems. The screen is super flat and well protected by the cover. The foldable screen protector also makes setting it up no problem and makes mobile working much easier without much extra weight. For use with a Windows notebook, a clear recommendation. Unfortunately, I can't say anything in connection with a MacBook. I would be pleased to receive an app recommendation from Notebookwings for use as a screen extension for the iPad pro. According to my research, the apps can only be recommended to a very limited extent.

Joachim B.

The new favorite companion
for your laptop

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44% increase in productivity

Compatible with many laptop models

Compatible with Windows & MacOS

Remarkably light

Very quickly mounted

Extremely compact & portable


Use a display or both! Open the displays to your desired viewing angle.

Put on

Simply place the frame on the laptop screen and slide it shut.

Plug in

You are ready to go! Expand or mirror your display whatever you want! It's so easy.

Super easy assembly

Extremely compact and mobile

Dismantled and stowed away in just a few steps. The notebookwings are so slim that they can be easily transported with the notebook.

The future of mobile work

30 days return


12 months warranty,

extendable up to 36 months

Free delivery throughout Germany

From € 349.99

Montierte notebookwings ein Display

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Our company was founded by professional like-minded people who wanted to offer customers innovative, smart and easy online shopping solutions. At notebookwings we guarantee that every purchase will be made with ease, from start to finish. Take a look at our site and contact us if you have any questions.

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